Alex Scheel


Alexander Scheel is an open-source software developer working at Keyfactor on Bouncy Castle.

Previously, he was employed at Hashicorp working on Cryptography and PKI for Vault, at Canonical working on Compliance and Certifications, and at Red Hat working on Red Hat Certificate System and OpenSCAP. He is the former maintainer of JSS, a NSS wrapper for Java.

He is a strong advocate for Open Source and Open Access research, leaving Hashicorp over the relicensing to the non-OSS Business Source License.

Alex contributes to various projects on GitHub. Previously he contributed to the Fedora Package Ecosystem and the Stewardship SIG under the nickname cipherboy.

In his free time, he studies violin and enjoys taking photographs of the places he goes.

Alex plays on a 2018 Feng Jiang Strad P violin with a Ole Kanestrom bow.

He studies under Hong-Yi Mo of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra; his previous teachers include Boro Martinic-Jercic at Iowa State University, Aaron Janse of the Minnesota Orchestra, the Artaria String Quartet, and DeAnn Spencer.